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Walk No.30

Route: Plymouth Train Station to PCA
Duration: 15 Mins
Time of Day: Morning

Socks: Feet in socks, socks as objects.  Shoes, looking at all the different shoes.  As transport. Different shoes influence different gaits.

Weaponised cars:  Cars are brutal, always have been.  Lately cars have been weaponised.  Because it's so easy to kill someone with a car.

Lines: Define spacial relationships. (Lygia Clark) It's easy to see this in a cityscape.

Binary: Linear needs non-linear for definition, there is no binary in it.  Like the Foucalt liars theory, liars are just proving the existence of lies, or something like that?  And see also Lefebvre, he mixes up the binary too.

Purpose: The space is that of commuters. Back in Totnes, earlier, around 8am ish, I saw a group of lads congregating at a terrace bar/cafe all hungover, laughing and recounting the night before.  They seemed incongruous to the frame work (pattern/system) the space had now become: transit channel to work/school.  Their leisure and night-time energy was holding a small space as a place of fun in amongst the other purpose space.  I could see it like outlined shapes almost.


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Walk No.3

Route: Bus stop to Riviera Centre, Torquay
Duration: 10 mins
Time of Day: morning

Tom - My eldest son.  A walking companion, a witness to the walk.  We talk as we observe things, nothing changes whether they are 3 or 18 but the pendulum of knowledge has swung so it is him who informs me now. We talk about documenting the walks.  He talks of distance and time as horizontal planes and then I begin to think of the movement as mass going through these planes or axis.  It's a way to represent motion.

Promenade - Torbay in all it's sunny glory this morning.  I remember my 'home' town, Blackpool.  How I was obsessed with the idea of Promenading and Piers for quiet some time.  Contrived leisure walking....

Scenic Route - We're not sure of the way and at one point there's a winding scenic route that may possibly be a dead end or the straight road (up close with the traffic) I'm happy to report that my kid is a fellow 'wayfarer': we took the scenic route....


Walk No.5

Route: Sharpham lane up and down
Duration: 20 mins
Time of day: v early morning

Thinking - behind thinking, behind thinking, behind thinking - thinking about all the layers of thinking.

Shorthand - a mark encapsulating thinking = shorthand.  And how to encapsulate my walks, how to create a shorthand.

Cartesian  - My mind flows faster than my hand, I begin to separate the hand from the mind, writing is not an easy extension of mind.  Is this an experience of  a cartesian mind/soul-body split...... How can I imagine the hand and mind being whole.  Does drawing in an instinctive way achieve this?

Poverty - A recurring thought, as I often walk past grandeur, materialism and plain old rich people's houses - nose up against the window -  of the privilege of leisure walking, the Idler, the Flaneur, and walking/wandering as a frivolous endeavour, an activity reserved for the wealthy.  What purpose is there to walking if not to get somewhere?  Walter Benjamin used walking to research.   I pond…

Walk No.1

Route: Bus Stop to PCA
Duration: 5 Mins
Time of Day: Morning

I didn't expect or intend to be documenting this particular part of my day.  Things/events revealed themselves to me and if they gave me food for thought or felt significant I then tried to remember them, tried to capture or bottle them.  It's not practical to write as I walk.  So I began to attach one word to each finger and kept repeating them, reminding me of the shopping list game.....  I went to the shops and I bought some butter.  I went to the shops and I bought some butter and a pint of milk.  I went to the shops and I bought some butter and a pint of milk and a bottle of gin.....

I chanted to myself:

Commuter Tide

This is what I remember from those word prompts:

I took the bus instead of the train to Plymouth as an experiment.  The results weren't great as I emerged from the bus with motion nausea (trying to read on a rural bus is not a good idea).
People are everywhere, the …